T.O.E.B.I.® Online
Test Of English for Business Interaction

An Online Business English Evaluation especially designed for the Recruitment and Selection Process.

T.O.E.B.I.® Online comes in two versions:

Version gb.1.6 – General Business – for up to Middle Management
Version gx.1.6 – Global Executive – for higher levels

Version gb.1.6, a one-hour 100-multiple choice question evaluation with no audio sections.
Version gx.1.6, a two-hour 130-multiple choice question evaluation with one audio section.

Upon finishing the evaluation the results in percentage terms by section and total are sent to the e-mail of your choice. You get a Table of Interpretation of Results, allowing you to know the areas of opportunity of your Applicants.

You can get the amount of Access Codes you need according to your particular requirements.

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